Business Adventures

We have been designing and facilitating high-impact business meetings, retreats and training for more than 30 years. We are known for delivering positive and lasting results in an environment of conscious collaboration, courageous exploration, and intentional integration. We set our adventures on sailboats, in island resorts, on mountaintops, and even in corporate boardrooms. Learn about our background and clients here.


We move beyond the typical consultant's toolbox of conceptual frameworks and lockstep prescriptions by engaging your participants in the identification and understanding of your business's challenges and goals, and the development of solutions that really work.

Using pre-adventure interviews and diagnostics, we work closely with you and your stakeholders to identify the results you want and to develop activities specifically designed to get those results. We help you choose the most appropriate setting -  a beachside island resort, a luxury sailboat, or a venue of your choosing. 

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We help you refine and target your outcomes - whether they involve strategic planning, issue resolution, leadership development, team building, enhancing collaborative skills, or a combination. If it's advantageous to build a meeting into your adventure, we provide the highest level of professional design and facilitation, and teach your team to self-facilitate in the process.

We set your meeting, retreat or training adventure in the context of high-involvement experiential learning, an approach well-demonstrated to produce outcomes with highest levels of commitment and enthusiasm leading to the long-lasting results you're looking for.

We find great value in removing your team from familiar environments and activities in order to harness the powerful elements of surprise and vulnerability that arise in the unknown.  Patterns of belief and behavior that can be masked in the unknowns of daily life are revealed in the unknowns of adventure. Once unmasked, they can be mastered. 

New learning is tested and integrated in activities of increasing complexity and challenge, then concrete plans for implementation in the workplace are developed.  Your team will leave the adventure with clear goals and action plans, and new levels of commitment to turn them into reality. 

Back at work, the tans begin to fade, but the spirit of adventure carries on with each reminder of a significant moment, each mention of a learning, each extension of a helping hand.  

Additional support is available with follow-through coaching, designed and scheduled to meet your needs.



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