For the Highest Good

A Caribbean cruising friend who's been following my healing journey recently wrote to ask me to engage my "prayer warriors," as she called them, in support of her friend who has cancer.  I did so, of course; and I wrote her back describing my process of prayer. I'm grateful that her request brought me this opportunity to deepen that process in myself.

I'm so glad you reached out. I will keep your friend in my prayers and will also put her on the prayer list of my spiritual group - a powerful group of spiritual warriors if ever there was one.

Part of our practice is putting trust in God, even to the point of recognizing that I can't possibly know what the spiritual journey and lessons are for another person - or even myself, for that matter, since I tend to think, feel and pray with my mind and emotions, and with an attachment to a particular outcome to satisfy those levels. But those levels may not be the highest spiritual outcome, so in the spirit of "not my will but thine," I always add to my prayer "for the highest good of all concerned."

In my own case, I prayed for recovery only if it were for my highest good. My biggest prayer was that I learn the lessons that were there for me to learn. Those lessons started showing up as soon as I hit the water, hearing my vertebra explode and feeling my legs collapse....and they continue to this day. (see blog of I've done my best to put myself completely in God's hands, asking to be healed physically, but also knowing that if it took being disabled to learn to know myself as a Soul more than a body & ego, then that would be the highest outcome, and the one I would want.

I find the distinctions to be both subtle and huge, all at the same time, and it's an area of ongoing practice and learning for me.

So indeed I am asking God's Light to fill surround and protect your dear friend and her kids and all who love her, for the highest good of all concerned. May we all know God's hand in all the forms that his Grace and miracles take.